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  • n. Plural form of parish.


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  • This indeed appears to be a consideration of some weight; but then, on the other side, several things deserve to be considered likewise: as, first, whether it may not be thought necessary that in certain tracts of country, like what we call parishes, there should be one man at least of abilities to read and write.

    The Battle of the Books and other Short Pieces

  • In some cases, the definition of parishes by ethnicity was de jure aka “nationality parishes” while in other cases the ethnic fragmentation was de facto, based on geography, as ethnicity and neighborhood boundaries were coterminous anyway.50 Whether de facto or de jure, the objective was to provide a linguistically and culturally comfortable niche in which members of the different ethnic groups could experience their religion, and reinforce their ethnicity.

    American Grace

  • I have come to hate going to Mass at certain parishes because, regardless of the value of gathering as a community and receiving communion, it makes my blood boil to hear prayers for “an end to the evil of abortion” included after the homily, especially when such a petition is given the same time and recognition as a prayer for “an end to violence, poverty, and terror” in our world.

    Action Alert: Tell Congress that we want healthcare reform, no matter what our bishops say. « Planning the Day

  • A vast chasm separates the current practice of music in Catholic parishes from the Roman Rite ideal.

    Getting from Here to There

  • Graduates of his week long courses are changing the shape of music in parishes all over the country.

    CMAA Summer Programs Filling Up

  • Just the other day, I was reading a music catechism from 1936 that came close to anathematizing the payment of musicians in parishes, since their reward will be in heaven.

    10,000 Scores at CPDL

  • I quite often find myself in parishes that have spent huge amounts of money on musical sound systems that end up sounding more like concert halls than liturgical spaces.

    Choirs and Microphones

  • Also, in parishes where the EF begins, there are not developed scholas available to sing the propers or sing large Mass settings.

    Working Our Way to the High Mass

  • This is an aspect of his vision that has not be replicated in parishes around the country but should be – for a change in the financial practices concerning music will stop the talent drain from the Catholic Church and start attracting the best and brightest to our ranks.

    Monsignor Schuler as Practitioner and Prophet

  • They have built programs in parishes only to be shown the door by the new pastor who happens to have peculiar aesthetic attachments and is determined to throw the parish back to the 1970s.

    How to Hire a Parish Musician


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