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  • adj. Parker (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms having English names of the form "Parker's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for any of several naturalists named Parker.


  • Originally described as Megalosaurus parkeri in 1923, the holotype was referred to a new genus in 1964.

    My Birth Dinosaur!

  • The Albertine Rift is home to about 19 percent of Africa's amphibian species, including more than 30 endemic species and three monotypic endemic genera: Parkers tree toad (Laurentophryne parkeri), the Itombwe golden frog (Chrysobatrachus cupreonitens), and African painted frog (Callixalus pictus, VU).

    Biological diversity in the Eastern Afromontane

  • Very high levels of endemism are observed among amphibians, with nearly 40 species as strict endemics: Hylarana longipes, Petropedetes parkeri, P. perreti, Phrynobatrachus cricogaster, P. steindachneri, P. werneri, Phrynobatrachus sp.

    Cameroonian Highlands forests

  • Island endemic reptiles specific to this dry forest ecoregion include Eleutherodactylus cavernicola, Sphaerodactylus parkeri, Cyclura collei, Ameiva dorsalis, Celestus duquesneyi; several of these species are threatened.

    Jamaican dry forests

  • Important marine reptile fauna includes Temnodontosaurus, ichthyosaurs, Metriacanthosaurus parkeri, and pterosaurs.

    Dorset and East Devon Coast, United Kingdom


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