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  • Relating to or resembling a park.


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  • The month-old Memphis museum, housed inside the rebuilt Lorraine Motel, has been criticized for being too theme-parkish -- and, though the $5 admission goes into the operating costs of the museum, too expensive.

    An American Mecca

  • The bay horse departed at a smart gait, not, I was glad to see, a parkish trot -- Miss Elizabeth wisely set limits to her sacrifices to

    The Guest of Quesnay

  • Forgetting that we were in search of sea breezes, we continued to saunter on, across one field, over one stile and then over another, until after passing by the side of a snug-looking old-fashioned house, with a beautifully kept garden, the road took a sudden turn and brought us to some parkish-looking well-timbered ground in front, at one side of which Jorrocks saw something that he swore was

    Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities

  • A disciple of Kent had the cruelty to render this splendid old mansion (the more modern part of which was the work of Inigo Jones) more _parkish_, as he was pleased to call it; to raze all those exterior defences, and bring his mean and paltry gravel-walk up to the very door from which, deluded by the name, one might have imagined

    Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume I (of 10)

  • and maybe update the GB theme sond to some heavier updated rock/rap not limp biscuity or linkin parkish but maybe more N.E.R.D'ish or something a little tamer.

    7 Minutes Of Harold Ramis Talking Ghostbusters 3 | /Film

  • Sir Level’s plans include “clearing away the underwood, and cutting/out that heavy mass of forest trees into separate groups,” which would, he rhapsodizes, give the place “a very elegant, tasteful, parkish appearance.”

    Joanna Baillie’s Ecotopian Comedies

  • Love Muller’s voice, and this one is about a rich guy screwing his trailer-parkish heirs, after he himself signs a new will and jumps out a 14th floor window.

    Better late than never (lol)

  • (forgive him, he's from Zagreb), he chose three median-rich stretches-Park Avenue, the West Side Highway, and Broadway-then made himself an official-looking ID, dressed in parkish green, and started collecting ants, travelling the city with a duffelbag of garden tools and Evian bottles filled with antifreeze.

    The New Yorker


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