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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a parrot.

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  • adj. Mechanically imitated or repeated without thought or understanding.

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  • adj. mechanically imitated or repeated without thought or understanding


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parrot +‎ -like


  • The solid ensemble includes Barbara Williams as a divorcee Nick falls for; Sayles himself as a sleazy autoshop operator; Gloria Foster as Desmond's righteous mother; Louis Zorich as the mayor, and David Strathairn as a homeless man whose parrotlike ravings function as the film's demented Greek chorus.

    No One Is Immune From The Rot

  • His tally included twelve pigeons, four falcons, nine honeyeaters, thirteen flycatchers, ten parrots or parrotlike species, a wood-swallow, three species of shrike, two pittas, five sunbirds, and eleven species from the kingfisher family.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • One of its claws might easily have slashed the eyes from his face, but its trembling claws, so like clenched fists, remained raised to either side of its parrotlike beak.

    The Drawing of the Three

  • The head was round, with a parrotlike beak, tympani for hearing, one large golden-hued eye in the middle and two smaller, less developed ones for binocular and peripheral vision.

    The Earth Book of Stormgate

  • Edway Tarnhorst had been dictating notes for his reports into his recorder, and was rather tired, so when he asked Peter Danley what he had learned, he was rather irritated when the blond man closed his blue eyes and repeated, parrotlike:


  • The danger is that a short argument on a large question may breed in one an easy content with a superficial and parrotlike discussion of the subject.

    The Making of Arguments

  • Most of these, with their definitions, parrotlike, I had learned to spell, but never once in all my school experience had I been taught the derivation of a single word.

    Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison Fifteen Years in Solitude

  • Yet a strange sort of pride seems to have been taken in the capacity of children to imbibe such gloomy theological theories and in the ability to repeat, parrotlike, the oft-repeated doctrines of inherent sinfulness.

    Woman's Life in Colonial Days

  • Another part of the utterance -- more particularly that about "movin 'on" -- consisted of scraps of remarks that had been addressed to him, which he had hoarded up as an ape lays away odds and ends, and which he repeated, parrotlike, when the sun and his pipe warmed Old Dalton into speech.

    The Best Short Stories of 1919 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story

  • The old woman speaks rapidly, parrotlike, sighing and sobbing.

    The Underdogs, a Story of the Mexican Revolution


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