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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adv. In a parsimonious manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a parsimonious or saving manner; sparingly.


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  • Besides, on this planet, men who were willing to work on the right side of the law for the paltry sum of credits the government parsimoniously doled out were few and far between.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • He lighted it from the camp fire, and sat forward on the blankets, toasting his moccasined feet and smoking parsimoniously.


  • He stalled and blocked, fought parsimoniously, and strove to gather strength.

    The Mexican

  • The parsimonious interpretation is that Gospel parallels (which promote the theme of the divinity of Christ) are most parsimoniously explained by divine inspiration of the writers of those Gospels.

    An Amazing First Century

  • Science considers explanations to be parsimoniously and tentatively accepted until falsified.

    A California Ruling

  • Now, we can try really hard to make design look like evolution, but we see evolution doing design type things in the timescales we have available for observation, so is there a need, parsimoniously?

    Blast From the Past

  • And we find a nested hierarchy when we parsimoniously classify organisms by traits.

    A New Book

  • And as for frozen vegetables … maybe on sale you can get a small packet of peas for a buck that will feed two parsimoniously.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Low Price-Elasticity of Vegetable Consumption

  • This involves the application of a familiar scientific principle that stipulates that the soundest explanatory model is the one that accounts most parsimoniously for the evidence.

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • If she wanted to reach her destination, she had to spend her energy as parsimoniously as water.

    Peace Meals


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