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  • n. Plural form of parsonage.


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  • I found myself in the world of the Word of Faith, or prosperity gospel movement, a world in which televangelists live large in mansions they call parsonages and travel the globe in private jets, all off the donations of their credulous followers.

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  • In April 2004, city tax assessors revoked the exemption for four church-owned homes they said did not qualify as ''parsonages'' because they housed church day-school teachers, not the pastors or other ''spiritual leaders'' specified by law.

    TEXAS FAITH: Time to tax religious groups? | RELIGION Blog |

  • Clergy do enjoy tremendous benefits related to housing allowances and exceptions for parsonages "Tax Relief for Clergy Is Questioned," Money & Investing, Aug. 23.

    Giving to Caesar and Giving to God

  • Clergy are required to pay this percentage on their housing allowances or the rental value of their parsonages, as well.

    Giving to Caesar and Giving to God

  • Yes, after 450 pages packed with fascinating topics, from the decimation of country parsonages to the miracle of hydraulic cement (it made the Erie Canal possible) — after discovering worms in the sturgeon at Samuel Pepys's table and dressing with Beau Brummell, after reading of man's long struggle to tame sewage and prevent cholera — we are asked to hang our heads in shame at the units of carbon we emit.

    Brass Beds and Broomsticks

  • BERLIN RNS Gay and lesbian Lutheran ministers in the conservative German state of Bavaria may live with their partners in parish parsonages, but only if they enter into a state-sanctioned civil union.

    German Church Allows Gay Pastors To Live With Partners

  • Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, is conducting an inquiry into whether six of the nation's leading prosperity televangelists have violated their churches 'tax-exempt status by diverting donor funds to finance their families' lavish lifestyles, replete with all the accoutrements Jesus undoubtedly envisioned for his disciples: Gulfstream jets, Bentleys, and multi-million dollar "parsonages."

    Sarah Posner: Prosperity Preachers and the Politcal Hunt for the Faith Vote

  • Among them is Crouch's habit of ordaining his station managers as ministers, which allows them to deduct their housing expenses as parsonages-and permits Crouch to pay them lower salaries.

    The T Stands For Troubled

  • A “religious assembly” use is defined as “an establishment for religious worship and other religious ceremonies, including religious education, rectories and parsonages, offices, social services, columbaria, and community programs Section 1401-01-R7.”

    CityLink FINALLY Speaks

  • My siblings having gallivanted off to college, or parsonages in New England or other desperate frontiers, leaving me alone to man the fort, and suffer the slides and arrows.

    outfoxed Diary Entry


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