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  • adj. parsonic

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as parsonic.


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  • 'I canvass poor men accustomed to be paid for their votes, and who get nothing from me but what the baron would call a parsonical exhortation.

    Beauchamp's Career — Volume 2

  • We get to see exhibition catalogues, the cover and sample pages of Blast! including the Bless! pages, which are curiously parsonical in their blessings of our seafarers.

    Vorticism: the biz of the buzz – review

  • His plump hands are linked across his shirt-front in parsonical tranquillity.

    the mission song

  • A parsonical man in a Bible-black homburg has arrived by helicopter.

    Absolute Friends

  • He gave Burden a parsonical look and said gravely, 'I would lay down my life for Mr Knighton.'

    The Speaker Of Mandarin

  • He was an oldish man with a failing memory, and once or twice during his discourse it became apparent that he had confused Ramillies with some other warrior, but his parsonical intonation robbed most of his words of any meaning whatsoever and fortunately embarrassment was thus avoided.

    The Fashion in Shrouds

  • We were staying with an English friend of mine -- a parson, though the least parsonical of men -- who had a pleasant little house in a Druze village of Mount Lebanon, and nothing to do but watch, and do his utmost to restrain, the antics of a very wealthy and eccentric lady missionary.

    Oriental Encounters Palestine and Syria, 1894-6

  • He walked quickly, though he was tired and hot; tall, upright, and thin, in a grey parsonical suit, on whose black kerseymere vest a little gold cross dangled.

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • She nodded and went off to her game, and informing Mr. Petherbridge that Lady Bruce was a platitudinous old tabby, flirted with him up to the nice limits of his parsonical dignity.

    The Rough Road

  • So long has the narrow, parsonical, cynical contempt for the understanding of the lower classes prevailed -- through our fault -- a reversal to blind worship of the masses, of the immature and the unsuccessful, is not inexcusable.

    The New Society


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