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  • n. Plural of pars.


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  • In the firelight he began to write a book that would one day make him Emperor of the World: “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres …”

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • And because we haue deuided eloquucion into two partes, that is, wordes symple, or considered by them selues, and compound or ioyned together in speache, accordyng to thys we saye, that euerye eloquente oracion must haue in it thre poyntes: euidence, which belongeth to the fyrst parte of eloquucion, composicion & dignitie, which belongeth to the other.

    A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes

  • The Diffinicion and cause had: I come to the thyrde place called partes to knowe whether there be but one kynde of

    The Art or Crafte of Rhetoryke

  • Germani exercitus, quod periculofiflimum in tantis viribus, foUiciti & irati fuperbia recentis viftoriae, & metu, tamquam alias partes foviffent, Tarde a Nerone defcive - rant: nec ftatim pro Galbi Verginius: an impe - rare voluiffet dubium: delatum ei a milite impe - rium conveniebat, Fonteium Capitonem occi - fum, etiam qui queri non poterant, tamen indig - nabantur.

    C. Cornelii Taciti opera omnia

  • Germani exercitus, quod periculofiffimum in tantis viribus, folliciti & irati fuperbia recentis viftorise, & metu, tamquara alias partes foviflent.

    C. Cornelii Taciti opera omnia. ...

  • Given the facts of the case, especially the nature of what was in dispute, there should have been no reason why the application for the injunction should not have been inter partes but at a minimum with there should have been some notice to the bank.

    2009 May : Law is Cool

  • Para sensibilizar as pessoas para a segurança no trabalho, esta peça de guerrilha foi criada, onde diversas partes de corpos foram colocadas numa máquina de vendas com o copy: "Fale/Denuncie sobre segurança no trabalho e mantenha-se inteiro".

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Esta cocina del futuro está hecha de dos partes funcionales.

    Kitchen Design

  • Adoro Michael Sheen é um ator de expressões e papéis fortes o que deu a saga uma nova cara apesar de sua participação ter sido em uma pequena parte do filme na minha opinião foram uma das melhores partes.

    Michael Sheen: Interview with 'New Moon' star on fitting in with the cast |

  • "Portions of the current bill ¿ including the inter partes reexam, damages, and venue sections ¿ remain objectionable to the technology community and we believe most stakeholders would support removing those sections," the release stated.

    Post Tech: Senate debates patent reform as more voices weigh in


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