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  • n. The state of being participant; participation.


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  • These principles are very compatible with Wheeler's theories of observer-participancy, and they also closely reflect the views of Stephen Hawking and Anton Zeilinger, all of whom propose that the insights of quantum physics be applied to the universe as a whole.

    Interview with B. Alan Wallace, Author of Hidden Dimensions

  • He had told Edith, after his ineffective effort to be useful in her affairs, that he had decided that he was "a member of the family"; but he appeared to have relapsed to the retired list after that one attempt at participancy -- he was far enough detached from membership now.

    The Turmoil

  • Like Cordelia, in "Lear," he is a figure in the background; yet, despite his actual slight participancy in the

    A Hero and Some Other Folks

  • In response to his inquiries he learned that but few in any county, and in some none, could vote or hold office because of the disqualification imposed by the Alexandria constitution for participancy in the rebellion.

    Virginia and Virginians

  • There was something so dainty and compact about it, and the bright blaze answered so speedily to the communicating touch, the black layers falling away from each other in rich, bituminous flakiness, and letting the fire-tongues through, that she looked on in the happy complacence with which idle or disabled persons always enjoy something that does itself, yet can be followed in the doing with a certain passive sense of participancy.

    The Other Girls

  • "while the States in which most of them reside are debarred from any participancy in the legislation."

    Twenty Years of Congress, Volume 2 (of 2) From Lincoln to Garfield, with a Review of the Events Which Led to the Political Revolution of 1860


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