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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of particularize.


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  • We ceased to encounter any village or ruin mentioned in our "particularizes" and detailed Guide of the Rhone -- went drifting along by the hour in a wholly unknown land and on an uncharted river!

    Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 4 (1886-1900)

  • Chatwin wrote that this novel was an experiment in "circular time," and it's the way his prose particularizes time's passage, the efficient sweep of the narrative over several thwarted households, that makes it so satisfying.

    The News From Everywhere

  • He particularizes the murders, by way of quotation from actual historical documents, fragments, poems -- the narrative is organized like bits and pieces of a documentary -- and by way of his own imagining of how the Communist takeover of Estonia was implemented.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The good will even if it is for show, even if it does mask darker moods that particularizes the interactions of the characters in THE HAUNTING has evaporated entirely a decade later, leaving rancor and cynicism in its wake as if the pragmatic disregard of Dr. Markway's wife has infected the rest of the world.

    The Mount Everest of Haunted Houses

  • It won't rank with the very best, without editing, because the 'thank-you' section particularizes and personalizes too much.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • I got the impresson you didn't value the middle part too much, because you wrote in your analysis: It won't rank with the very best, without editing, because the 'thank-you' section particularizes and personalizes too much.

    On Obama's victory style

  • At the time of shooting, Lucia D'Elia was a young, pretty and exceedingly fleshy actress and its this fleshiness that particularizes the scene.

    The one you might have saved

  • Just as David Lynch has in the past identified a sense of evil in effeminacy (BLUE VELVET) and ethnicity (WILD AT HEART), Wes Craven particularizes in LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT his perception of pure evil with a distinctly Hebraic flavor.

    There will be blood libel

  • Goodell particularizes his objections in detail useful to those who closely follow environmental issues.

    Big Coal: Summary and book reviews of Big Coal by Jeff Goodell.

  • In the logic of the play, Iona is cast as a politically dangerous figure because of her perverse erotic engagements, although Shelley wisely never particularizes the full range of Iona's so-called perversity; and the ultimate crime that all of Iona's transgressions metaphorizeSwellfoot's "castration" is punished even before it is committed, since Swellfoot calls for the beheading of the Queen before she confronts him directly with her own demands for political power.



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