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  • Exact to a degree: said of a celestial aspect: opposed to platic.


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  • [41] Saturn was lord of my geniture, culminating, &c., and Mars principal significator of manners, in partile conjunction with my ascendant; both fortunate in their houses, &c.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • _The diuerse opinions and variable reports of writers touching the partile conquest of this Iland by the Romans, the death of Guiderius_.

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (4 of 8) The Fovrth Booke Of The Historie Of England

  • In September following, the moone being about 27. daies hold, at six of the clocke, a partile eclipse of the sunne happened, for the bodie thereof appeared as it were horned shooting the hornes towards the west as the moone dooth: being twentie daies old.

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (5 of 12) Henrie the Second

  • Subscriu din toata inima la ideea ca din toate partile suntem agresati de marlanie, vulgaritate si prost gust.

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  • Mersi. cinx: sorry daca s-a discutat deja, am vrut doar sa fiu de ajutor zanduka: cinx, am dezbatut, am intors problema pe toate partile ...

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  • Pe WordPress toata lumea trateaza subiectul pe toate partile.

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  • Now bicause the Danes in the former kings daies were reencountred (and that renowmedlie) so often as they did encounter, and séeking the totall regiment, were dispossessed of their partile principalitie, which by warlike violence they obteined; and for that the Saxons were interessed in the land, and these but violent incrochers, vnable to kéepe that which they came to by constreint; we haue thought it conuenient to comprise the troubled estate of that time in the sixt booke; the rather for the necessarie consequence of matters then in motion: and héere déeme it not amisse, at so great and shamefull loosenesse (speciallie in a prince) ministring hart and courage to the enimie, to begin the seuenth booke.

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (7 of 8) The Seventh Boke of the Historie of England


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