party-coloured love


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  • adj. Coloured with different tints; variegated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From party (“parted, divided”) +‎ coloured.


  • They wore, indeed, short hauberks, but had over them party-coloured tunics of rich stuffs, with large wide pantaloons and half-boots.

    The Talisman

  • Paris, was renowned for the wild, venturous, and extravagant wit, the brilliant sallies and fortunate repartees, with which he prodigally seasoned the character of the party-coloured jester.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • It was party-coloured, being made of different stripes of blue and violet; and the wearer arrogated a certain degree of gentility to himself, by wearing a plume of considerable dimensions of the same favourite colours.

    Castle Dangerous

  • Two ladies, one in a very fantastic party-coloured habit, with a plume of feathers, the other in a rustic one, with a garland of flowers round her head, were much taken notice of for their freedom, and having something to say to every body.


  • This was the figure of a bird, decked with party-coloured feathers, so as to resemble a popinjay or parrot.

    Old Mortality

  • I passed a village with a stupendous mountain just behind it to the north, which I was told was called Moel Vrith or the party-coloured moel.

    Wild Wales : Its People, Language and Scenery

  • Those perfect boots, the little glimpses of party-coloured stockings above them, the looped-up skirt, the jacket fitting but never binding that lovely body and waist, the jaunty hat with its small fresh feathers, all were nothing to him.

    The Duke's Children

  • Jones instantly interposed on behalf of the suffering party, and pinned the insulting conqueror up to the wall: for the puppet-show man was no more able to contend with Jones, than the poor party-coloured jester had been to contend with this puppet-man.

    The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

  • So stood my father, holding fast his fore-finger betwixt his finger and his thumb, and reasoning with my uncle Toby as he sat in his old fringed chair, valanced around with party-coloured worsted bobs — O Garrick! — what a rich scene of this would thy exquisite powers make! and how gladly would I write such another to avail myself of thy immortality, and secure my own behind it.

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

  • In sequel whereof she pulled off one of her wooden pattens, put her apron over her head, as a priest uses to do his amice when he is going to sing mass, and with a kind of antique, gaudy, party-coloured string knit it under her neck.

    Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel


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