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  • adj. going to parties, particular describing someone who does so frequently


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party +‎ going


  • But we do get ornery when we get hungry, and, if anything, Wednesday's benefit at Hudson River Park's Pier 57 for the Whitney Museum reminded us of a cardinal lesson of Manhattan partygoing: Always have a snack before you hit the town.

    The Whitney Shifts the Party Downtown

  • Everything was fun and games, drinking and partygoing.

    Winter Bloom

  • Scott Pilgrim, still working through his quest to defeat the seven evil ex-boyfriends of the mysterious Ramona Flowers, is becoming a character of more depth and maturity, and the story is beginning to focus more on the limitations of a battle fighting, rock and roll playing, partygoing approach to solving the real problems of love, friendship, identity, and one's place in the world.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Nor do I hold Vita's partygoing against her, or use evidence of her wealth to discredit her: my quotations simply seek to indicate something of the person she was from the life she led.

    Ikea People

  • But with Rivers describing mostly their partygoing, their drinking and their petty feuds, they seem more like bohemian wanna-bes than true eminences.

    Rivers Runs Through It

  • Most were tickled when Klaus Wowereit, their popular partygoing mayor, dubbed the town "poor but sexy" late last year.

    Poor But Sexy

  • Amplifiers placed discreetly throughout the room carried his voice over the partygoing din.

    Queen of Blades

  • Brownback, who wanted to get to the bottom of Judge Neff's partygoing habits, is a particularly powerful leader in this group and lived with other members of the group in a Washington, D.C., mansion at the unheard of D.C.-era rent of $600 a month, according to a separate Sharlet article.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • In fact, he ` s kind of trying to reshape his entire image so that he appears to more of a like a family man who is interested in doing serious movies, as opposed to his earlier image of, like - it ` s more a partygoing twentysomething.

    CNN Transcript Nov 28, 2006

  • And It´s cheap for us, and there is always a childrens partygoing on ...

    A Shot at the Cover.....Yeah Right!


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