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  • n. Plural form of parvenu.


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  • But whether my never-ending quest for antique finials, faded bits of toile de Jouy, old postcards, and other quirky “flea-market finds” is a product of disposition or suggestion, I am, I realize, as much a slave to commodity fetishism as any McMansion-owning reader of Architectural Digest — hideous bible of parvenus from the Hamptons to Malibu.

    Home Alone

  • In many circles there was an affectation of treating with contempt what are called the parvenus; those people who, to use M. de Talleyrand's expression, do not know how to walk upon a carpet.

    The Memoirs of Napoleon

  • The result is that much ill-feeling is engendered in society, and people whom these old aristocrats call the "_nouveaux riches_," "parvenus," etc., are always having their feelings hurt.

    Manners and Social Usages

  • For the parvenus, les nouveau riche, there are Jaguar XKE's from the '60's.

    A Divine Gate-Crasher at the Antique Car Show

  • Burst into these programs with your own 2 Minute Drill and correct the facts of these pandering parvenus like he does for Kornhieser and Wilbon.

    Jeff DeGraff: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

  • It's middle class Tories that do that - grocer's daughters and parvenus like Hannan.

    Headlines for Daniel Hannan

  • The country's elites typically divide between secularists, mainly feudal aristocrats or corrupt parvenus like President Asif Ali Zardari, and Islamists of either conservative or radical bent.

    The Pakistan Paradox

  • And Gibson has made her task harder by lampooning more than the patricians and parvenus known by CarleyWells, a sweet and overweight 15-year-old, wholoves apopular male friend, Hunter Cay.

    Tanya Egan Gibson’s ‘How to Buy a Love of Reading’ — A Satirical Novel That Turns Into a Teen Weepie « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • It's doubtless a great comfort for many people to read that British is best, Americans (though parvenus) frightfully energetic – and that none of the murderous, terrifying mess of the modern world is our fault.

    The Atlantic and Its Enemies by Norman Stone

  • These two heroes of social mobility are not exactly parvenus to the Patrician class.

    Polly Loves Milly


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