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  • n. Alternative form of pas de deux.


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  • He didn't seem so much a duet partner as an editor and ghost writer, filling in all the notes she would have herself played half a century ago; Mr. Weber so astutely functioned as a second, younger McPartland that it reminded me of a jazz version of Sondheim's "Follies," in which you see a younger and an older version of the same character standing side by side, as if intertwined in a pas-de-deux.

    Passing Down the Piano Torch Song

  • The pas-de-deux between Chuck Lane and myself, which has now become a long day's journey into night and the subsequent morning, has touched on a number of topics raised by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attack on public-sector unions -- but not on the full range of political consequences that will follow if Walker's denial of collective bargaining rights is enacted.

    Scrooge-ism in Wisconsin, part 2

  • "There's someone you must meet," she told the group who mostly towered over me, who out-sophisticated me, who were at ease, at home, in their place in the world, and I standing outside the dancefloor, not ever expecting to be asked to the slightest pas-de-deux.

    February 2010

  • She doesn't do this by confrontation or violence, but by challenging the victims to a pas-de-deux, danced to the music of the classic ballet that mirrors the victim's problem.

    Reviews Too Late: Princess Tutu

  • What's appalling to me is how we don't at least let the other shoe drop in our dysfunctional pas-de-deux with our preoccupation with all that is young.

    Bruce Kluger: From the Mouths of Babes

  • One of the most chilling moments in post-ceasefire Ulster came at a moment when Sinn Féin-IRA Terrorist leader Gerry Adams was doing his ballot-box/Armalite routine with a crowd which was unhappy at some sinuous snakelike gyration he had just executed in his pas-de-deux with the Unionists.

    We Haven't Gone Away, You Know

  • Strategies aside, this archaic attitude reinforces the age-old pas-de-deux: Men are the protectors; women are the protectees.

    Melissa Soalt: Harmony... or Else: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self Defense

  • I once admired the subtle thought, the careful parsing, the diplomatic pas-de-deux of policy, but lately I seem to have taken up a taste for straight talk.

    Think Progress » Sen. Lamar Alexander ♥ David Horowitz

  • My mother related to me, when I was a little lad and used to burrow in her carved oak treasure chest and beg for stories of the articles it contained, many fascinating tales of those two school years, a pretty colour coming to her cheeks as she told of the dances learned together, pas-de-deux and minuet, from old 'Doctor'

    People of the Whirlpool

  • The dances I saw were strictly _pas-de-deux_, and they always began by a flash of wings and two birds alighting on the grass, about a foot apart.

    In Nesting Time


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