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  • n. the Jewish feast of the Passover
  • n. the Christian festival of Easter


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  • It may, however, be noted that in Tertullian the word pascha clearly designates not the Sunday alone but rather a period, and in particular. the day of the

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • (The word Easter appears only once in the King James Version of the Bible-in Acts 12: 4-where it is flagrantly mistranslated from the Greek word pascha, which should be translated "Passover," as most versions render it.)

    Latest Articles

  • When the Authorized Version (1611) was formed, the word "passover" was used in all passages in which this word pascha occurred, except in Act 12: 4.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • This "pascha" must therefore have been the pagan "pascha," for the Jewish Pascha always came before the days of unleavened bread.


  • Obviously the heavenly pascha had other standards some time ago.

    What Is Good?

  • And isn´t it strange that some of us humans proudly aware of our descent from those ugly apemen that once in a time roamed the african savannah appear to have more morals and decency than the heavenly pascha that our superorthodox Calvinist venerates with such fervour.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • The heavenly pascha of the OT actually condones and commands worse things than rape - things like genocide.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • Whatever the heavenly pascha commands must be right since he is the pascha.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • Neither do we see the ultimate goodness in a heavenly pascha who comes up with an idea like eternal torture in a hot, hot hell.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • Specially not a heavenly pascha with such bloodstained hands as the biblical one.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity


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