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  • n. An opening between two rooms, especially a shelved space between a kitchen and dining room that is used for passing food.
  • n. A route through which something is permitted to pass.
  • n. A security that passes through payments made by debtors, thus providing investors with regular returns. Also called pass-through security.
  • n. See pass-along.

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  • n. an opening that resembles a window between two rooms (especially a shelved opening between a kitchen and dining room that is used to pass dishes)


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  • The agreements with the European countries will not provide an exemption from Fatca for any jurisdiction, but if a country were to oblige all of its financial institutions to automatically hand over all account data related to Americans, then it could obtain blanket exemption for its banks to transfer funds between themselves without being subject to the so-called pass-through payment withholding requirement for transactions with noncompliant institutions.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The Komen group also said it preferred to give grants to groups that perform mammograms themselves, rather than "pass-through" funding.

    Nonprofits' Backers Mobilize

  • "The charge for natural gas is a pass-through so we do not profit from it," he said.

    Susan Buchanan: Moderate Fuel Prices Should Keep Heating Bills in Check

  • Assuming a full pass-through, that would increase the imported price of the iPhone by a mere 70 cents, or less than 0.5%.

    Don't Be Fooled By Misleading U.S.-China Trade Data

  • I don't know that the 300 grains is any better than the 240 grains since mine are almost always pass-through lung shots and deer don't really slow either slug down that much from what I've seen.

    Oops! I dropped my...

  • (IMHO) And pass-through lung shot deer are very easy to track.

    Oops! I dropped my...

  • An amended complaint filed in July 2010 alleged offering documents for the mortgage-backed securities either made untrue statements or omitted material facts regarding the underwriting standards purportedly used in originating of the underlying mortgages; the maximum loan-to-value ratios used to qualify borrowers; the appraisals of the properties underlying the mortgages; the debt-to-income ratios permitted on the loans; and the ratings of the mortgage pass-through certificates themselves.

    Merrill Lynch to Pay $315 Million to Settle Mortgage-Loans Lawsuit

  • The earned-income tax credit is a tiny little thing that is likely fully matched by reduced government expenditures to aid kids, most likely at the state level with federal pass-through dollars.

    Income Redistribution Proposals, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • As recently documented in a study prepared using IRS statistics by Ernst & Young for the S Corporation Association, 93% of businesses in the country are "flow-through" entities partnerships, sole proprietorships and S corps, and 54% of all private-sector employees work for pass-through entities.

    Fewer Tax Deductions Will Hurt Most Small Businesses

  • Still, core inflation is rising and expert opinion suggests that pass-through along the production chain is leading to higher monthly prices.

    German Producer Prices Rise


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