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  • n. The state or quality of being passable.


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passable +β€Ž -ability


  • A gun law that met the test of political passability and also kept a gun out of the hands of a Loughner would be welcome.

    The Jared Loughner Problem

  • In fact, I am glad to use both β€” all right represents unreserved support whereas alright is more a statement of passability:

    2007 October « Motivated Grammar

  • …To add a few of those disclaimers and qualifiers: passability and privacy are very much affected by other factors, class being a big one.

    I sold Comments are now open.

  • Maybe it'll dry up some of the swamp/lawns and return roads to passability.

    "Hello Sunshine...

  • So, while the others argued about the size of the Earth and the passability of the Ocean Sea, Talavera was always weighing far more important matters.

    Pastwatch, the Redemtion of Christopher Columbus

  • The land is not taxed, as in other parts of the country, for the support of those highways the passability of which gives it value; but the poor man who travels over it only on foot must give as much of his labor as may be requisite to maintain it.

    Bricks without Straw A Novel

  • By taking her toll, were they making any sort of contract towards the passability of the road?

    Latest Articles

  • That means there is a certain expectation of passability connected with the toll fee, an implied contract, if you will.

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  • "Were are excited about the passability," Crain said.


  • Conversely, romance has an often contrary list of principles: repeated separation and reunion (Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet), infidelity (Anna Korenina) and passability

    Boundless Line


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