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  • n. The range of frequencies transmitted by a bandpass filter.

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  • n. The range of frequencies or wavelengths that can pass through a filter without being reduced in amplitude.


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  • Martinez-Garcia et al, NGC 918 has its share of spiral density waves that present azimuthal color gradients that even an infrared passband won't fully penetrate.

    Supernova 2009js… Another One Bites The Dust! | Universe Today

  • The theoretical approach encompasses common subjects covering principles of digital transmission, like notions of probability and stochastic processes, signals and systems, baseband and passband signaling, signal-space representation, spread spectrum, multi-carrier and ultra wideband transmission, carrier and symbol-timing recovery, information theory and error-correcting codes.


  • Variability at optical wavelengths and the brightness in the F606W passband suggest additional sources of luminosity such as starlight reflected from a circumplanetary ring system.

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  • It doesn't have a lot of features, and in particular there's not much you can do to tweak the receiver (i.e. no filters, passband shaping, etc.) News

  • I do notice, so far, a lack of the "I can't wait to jump on someone in my passband" News

  • The product features low insertion loss, high dynamic range, flat & wide passband and blockband for high cascadability for both long haul & metro applications.

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  • Digitising the fifth or even seventh order harmonics requires a very wide bandwidth, low noise receiver with an exceptionally flat passband.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • The LTM9003 includes a 125MHz bandpass filter that exhibits less than 0. 5dB passband ripple across the entire band.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • Epoched broadband signals computed from the modeled sources were band-pass filtered digitally at 1 Hz intervals Hz (passband = f±0. 05f, where f represents the filter frequency).

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  • These models predict the strongest emission centered on the F110W passband of NICMOS such that the F814W - F110W color will be red.

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