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  • n. Plural form of passel.


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  • "It cost the three of 'em less 'n three thousand dollars for the three passels," said Scattergood.

    Scattergood Baines

  • Silver you could hear chinkin ', an' liddle bundles hove down dunt on the bottom-boards, an 'passels o' liddle swords an 'shields raklin', an 'liddle fingers an' toes scratchin 'on the boatside to board her when the two sons pushed her off.

    Puck of Pook's Hill

  • The song list and vocal work were strong enough to engage even the uninitiated, which Wednesday night were mainly parents accompanying passels of school-age children who absolutely delighted in seeing beloved tele-types come to life.


  • If the Waltons want to pass on passels of money to their offspring, I suggest they go out and hire a tax accountant and a trust lawyer, like decent rich people do, instead of getting their pet Senator to pass stupid laws for them.

    Political Animal

  • Aside from Michael, who's less explored as a person than exploited as a symbol, they're mainly drug dealers and crackheads who have passels of kids for others to raise.


  • I didn’t mean to say stuff should only look good on a Mac, actually, that’s what I keep passels of aged PCs around for— just the opposite.

    Drive-by-Shooting Sundays: Writer Dad

  • "There's about fifty different passels of timber in that crotch.

    Scattergood Baines

  • I reckon hit would take passels of money, wouldn't hit? "

    The Call of the Cumberlands

  • Silver you could hear clinkin’, an’ liddle bundles hove down dunt on the bottom-boards, an’ passels o’ liddle swords an’ shield’s raklin’, an’ liddle fingers an’ toes scratchin’ on the boatside to board her when the two sons pushed her off.

    Puck of Pook’s Hill

  • "Isn't it what they say they puts the best of goods in the small passels?" she demanded; "but for all, I wouldn't wish it to be too small altogether!

    Mount Music


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