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  • adv. In a passionless manner; without passion.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

passionless +‎ -ly


  • I wanted to know: had she read my essay passionlessly, or had she gotten angry?

    Eliot Schrefer: What the Monster Wrote: How Will the College Board Grade a Well-Written Endorsement of Evil?

  • It seemed to have glazed as hard and passionlessly as his eyes.


  • They studied me the way Wyatt had, passionlessly, with their white, lidless eyes.

    Bleeding Violet

  • It was hard to look at those rooms and not imagine unseen guests, unwanted guests, moving behind the walls: guests who liked damp, and mold, and ivy curling around their beds; guests who were themselves in the process of decaying, malevolent shadows entwined on leaf-strewn beds, old ruined bodies moving rhythmically, dryly, passionlessly, the horns on their heads—

    The Whisperers

  • Shawn's two remaining eyes flickered passionlessly.


  • I would far prefer a society which passionlessly taxes a populace to one in which access to common resources is dependant upon adherence to tribal rules and customs.

    In which commentary becomes copy-and-paste

  • But how faintly it was inbreathed, how passionlessly, as if the seraphim themselves were breathing upon him!

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

  • You have to talk like this [lowers voice to unctuous, monotonous whisper], you have to talk as passionlessly as possible, you have to be totally blank and very decorous and never crack a joke.

    Crisis In The American Universities

  • That thought was a slap to his pride, but it carried enough weight to make his hands move from the inside of the robe and settle affectionately, but passionlessly, on her shoulders.

    Sweet Anger

  • Though the great white star blazed on passionlessly, benevolently, still the rogue found itself the target for great forces from elsewhere.

    Starchild Omnibus


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