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  • n. Plural form of passion.


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  • He. subverts the foundation of obedience to God as a father, if he suppose that God hath our happiness in view in requiring us to renounce some passions, but that he goes contrary to our interests by requiring us to sacrifice some other passions* which he may suppose can never be sacrificed with - out sacrificing at the same time his pleasure and feli - city.

    Sermons Translated from the Original French of the Late Rev. James Saurin, Pastor of the French ...

  • Julia passions is my favorite soap no way is any of this ture this web site sucks its not official it will never be so get over yourselves people may love the drama and excitement.

    TV Addict Scoop: PASSIONS Cancelled | the TV addict

  • | The convergence of your passions is a very sweet spot »

    I'm giving up blogging

  • Its business is the intensification of life, to bring home to us its myriad finenesses; it achieves this end by presenting persons passing through the intense experiences which we call passions; and these are conditions of the spirit in which an idealised object encourages, thwarts, or tantalises the seeker, and dejects him utterly if the reality turns out to be less than the ideal.

    Personality in Literature

  • By means of their restlessness they produce innumerable currents which we call our passions, our thoughts, our joys, our sufferings, our desires, our fears, and our will.

    A Mummer's Tale

  • Reading – one of my biggest passions from the time I could do it on my own.

    Ideal Day « WholeSelfCoach

  • One of my enduring passions is exploring graphic design with programmatic and generative systems.

    Wolfram Blog : 2009 : February

  • From his creation of the Follies that bore his name and reflected his twin passions for female pulchritude and spectacular stagecraft to his swan song as producer of the first great modern musical, Show Boat, Ziegfeld transformed burlesque into a new kind of American musical theater.

    Cover to Cover

  • To say that "we" can -- never mind must -- control "our passions" is to say that there is a sentient self distinct from the very basis of sentience, to believe in some aetheric ghost-in-the-machine, some supernatural spirit of a mech-warrior pulling levers, pressing buttons, flicking switches, turning dials to make the meat-robot lumber from here to there.

    Stoicism, Sophistry and Sodomy

  • Thanksgiving, the most joyful of all holy effusions, yet addressed to a being without passions, is confined to a few modes, and is to be felt rather than expressed.

    Dr. Johnson on religious verse « Unknowing


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