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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of passivate.


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  • He then made the startling discovery that far from contaminating the wafer, it passivated the crystal's surface and protected the transistor junctions from outside contaminants.

    The Planar Process

  • I would say that men in current western culture are concerned about being passivated by being treated as women I.e. being hit on by other men In some guys, this is a conscious worry, in some guys it's unconscious.

    Girls Gone Wild...

  • Then, I expect after multiple flushings and other treatments to get rid of the last bits of fluorine, the walls of the resonating chamber were passivated.

    Some Knurdly Background about Lasers I

  • So anyway, after all that, the microwave excitation, the molecular beam, the dipole separation into a passivated resonant cavity, and I hesitate to think how many other minor kludges along the way, in 1954 James P. Gordon rushed into the class that Townes was teaching and announced that they were getting microwave amplification from the damn thing, a mere 38 years after Einstein had pointed out the basic theory.

    Some Knurdly Background about Lasers I

  • Our instruments are the highest quality duly passivated.

    Rather big news

  • At the same time, interfering annealing colours are removed, the surface being passivated by the formation of a protective layer and in this way protected against further corrosion.

    Manufacturingtalk - manufacturing industry news

  • When properly passivated, the doping created by the SOG is expected to remain indefinitely in the graphene sheets studied by the researchers.


  • It is useful for wrapping in cooking as it allows the heat to be easily transferred to the food. it is passivated, so will not react with most foods, except the very acidic.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • In particular, it has later been found that graphene monolayers grown on SiC and Ir are weakly coupled to these substrates (how weakly remains debated) and the graphene-substrate interaction can be passivated further.

    Haddock Links

  • The Mil-PRF-55342 Thin Film devices feature a passivated Nichrome resistive element, while their high-purity alumina substrate allows for high power ratings to 500 mW.

    Vishay's MIL-PRF-55342-Qualified Thin Film SMD Resistor Chips Now Offer 'T' Reliability Level for Space Applications - Yahoo! Finance


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