passive-matrix love


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Of or relating to a liquid-crystal display that controls an entire row of cells in the liquid-crystal layer with a single transistor.


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  • And that's the midrange model; UMAX also unveiled a $1,399 laptop with a slower modem and passive-matrix screen.

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  • The 4-inch passive-matrix AXT-CP4, available in in-wall and tabletop versions, features AMX Internet Inside technology to display CD titles and speed-dial lists from connected databases and to display Internet-delivered information services.

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  • Eventually, Handy saw the light of day under the guise of Atari's Lynx, and it was promptly relegated to a distant second place behind the insanely popular Game Boy -- a system with a puny processor based on Intel's 8080 chip (impressive in the mid-'70s, less so at the threshold of the '90s) and a blurry passive-matrix screen capable of four hideous shades of green-tinted grey.

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  • In contrast to passive-matrix LCDs, AMLCDs have no inherent limitation in the number of scan lines, and they present fewer cross-talk issues.

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  • In passive-matrix LCDs (PMLCDs) there are no switching devices, and each pixel is addressed for more than one frame time.

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  • The 640 x 400 passive-matrix color display was considered the best available at the time, although it was not nearly as nice as the then-new and very expensive active-matrix color displays appearing on the market.

    Low End Mac

  • Because passive-matrix video is slow, video performance suffered on the PC 165c, and moving the cursor would often leave a fading trail on the screen.

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  • They are a little better visually than passive-matrix LCDs but, because they are bistable, the only time they need energy is when you change or refresh the display.


  • Active-matrix OLED displays provide the same video-rate performance as their passive-matrix OLED counterparts, but they consume significantly less power!



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