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  • n. Heat-treatment of a perishable food to destroy heat-sensitive vegetative cells followed by immediate cooling to limit growth of the surviving cells and germination of spores.

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  • n. partial sterilization of foods at a temperature that destroys harmful microorganisms without major changes in the chemistry of the food


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From the surname of its inventor, Louis Pasteur.


  • If you look at the FSA guidance, it says that certain processing techniques such as pasteurisation, bleaching and hydrogenation are not considered natural, whereas smoking, baking, distillation for example are OK. "

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  • Unlike "normal" milk, which is heated to 72C to achieve pasteurisation, raw milk remains steadfastly unpasteurised.

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  • Dr Mark Holmes, a veterinary scientist who led the study at the University of Cambridge, said milk from infected cows was safe to drink because the bug, along with other bacteria, was killed by pasteurisation.

    New strain of MRSA superbug may have spread from cattle to humans

  • We are told to cook chicken thoroughly to kill it off, wash our salads although we now know that E coli isn't reliably killed off even by chlorinated water and not fret about the MRSA incubating down on the farm, because pasteurisation kills it.

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  • Louis PASTEUR (1822-1895) gave the basis of pasteurisation and confirmed the germ theory of disease alongside Robert KOCH were the main founders of Bacteriology.

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  • Batch Pasteurisation is used which is a slower pasteurisation method - it's said to be more gentle on the milk structure and results in the retention of the seasonal variances of the milk.

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  • The sandwiches are then sealed, without pasteurisation, in laminated plastic pouches that also include sachets of oxygen-scavenging chemicals.

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  • They might stand to make millions from new pasteurisation methods. '

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  • 'I suppose you know,' I said to Darcy, 'she stands to make a million or so from pasteurisation techniques if she can keep that herd of cattle isolated.

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  • I left Ravi trying in vain to explain pasteurisation techniques and went back into the room where the hearing had been held.

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