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  • n. Plural form of pastophorus.


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  • "He is coming," whispered their priestly guide; and the instant after an old man crossed the threshold, followed by a troop of pastophori, as obsequious as the courtiers at the heels of a prince.

    A Thorny Path — Volume 04

  • One of these, a friend of Ptolemaeus, who, though he had been secretly baptized, still was one of the pastophori of the temple, was awaiting the little party, and led the way as guide.

    A Thorny Path — Volume 04

  • "Such wine," exclaimed the usually grave chief of the pastophori, "is like soap."

    Uarda : a Romance of Ancient Egypt — Volume 07

  • After the huge galley lay moored, several minutes elapsed ere two pastophori of the goddess Isis, who guarded the goblet of Nektanebus, taken from the temple treasures and borne along in a painted chest, stepped upon the bridge, followed by Cleopatra's first chamberlain, who in a low tone announced the approach of the Queen and commanded the waiting groups to make way.

    Cleopatra — Volume 04

  • There is hardly any end to the haruspices, the pastophori with the standards, the images of the Gods, and the flocks and herds for sacrifice.

    Uarda : a Romance of Ancient Egypt — Volume 06

  • Drunken pastophori had flung open the rooms where the vestments and sacred vessels were kept, and from these treasuries the ribald mob had dragged forth panther-skins such as the priests wore when performing the sacred functions, brass cars for carrying sacrifices, wooden biers on which the images of the gods were borne in solemn processions, and other precious objects.

    Serapis — Volume 05

  • Within the House of Seti the priests 'chant went on uninterruptedly; but at last, when the noise of the crowd grew louder, the great gate was thrown open, and with a solemn step Ameni, in full robes, and followed by twenty pastophori -- [An order of priests] -- who bore images of the Gods and holy symbols on their shoulders -- Ameni walked into the midst of the crowd.

    Uarda : a Romance of Ancient Egypt — Volume 02

  • First, the tall form of the second prophet of the god, then the women consecrated to the service of Amon-Ra, the singers and the holy fathers and, when he perceived behind the singers, astrologers, and pastophori his own brother-in-law, whose house had yesterday been spared by the plague, he summoned fresh courage and spoke to him.

    Joshua — Volume 1

  • Torch and lantern bearers lighted the way, and the perfume of the incense rising from the little pan of charcoal in the hand of a bronze arm, which the pastophori waved to and fro, surrounded and floated after the procession.

    Cleopatra — Volume 07

  • Perfumes floated round from the unwashed hands of the pastophori, who had been busied in the laboratories in the preparation of incense, while from the library and writing-rooms came the curators and scribes and the officials of the temple counting - house, their hair in disorder, and their light working-dress stained with red or black.

    The Sisters — Volume 3


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