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  • v. Present participle of pasture.


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  • Nibiru -- according to Jensen, Merodach as he who went about among the stars "pasturing" them like sheep, as stated in the Babylonian story of the Creation (or Bel and the Dragon).

    The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria

  • "It's in fields like that I've seen my mares a-pasturing," he said.


  • But this he refused to do, because of the devastation such close pasturing would produce.

    Chapter XXV

  • She could understand it -- understand the green crabs with white - bleached claws that scuttled before her and which she could see pasturing on green-weeded rocks when the tide was low.


  • Came the day when I moved my goats on to other brush-impregnable hillsides, with following in their wake my cattle, pasturing knee-deep in the succulent grasses that grew where before had been only brush.

    Chapter 8

  • We immediately bought the next section, allowing the former owner to continue pasturing his cows there in perpetuity rent-free.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • The healthier milk is the result of cows grazing on fresh grass; since USDA recently passed strict regulations requiring the pasturing of organic dairy cows, it stands to reason that American organic milk offers the same increased nutritional benefit.

    Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Is Organic Milk A Hoax?

  • The old Swiss peasant name for the Alps is Geissbergen, literally "Goat Mountains," land purposeful only for pasturing tough meat.

    Richard Bangs: Here Be Dragons: Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland

  • Hare-Lip leaped to his feet, giving a quick glance at the pasturing goats and the afternoon sun.

    Page 5

  • Riddle also said that the USDA Organic Pasture Rules for organic livestock were recently clarified by incorporating quantifiable measurements for tracking the pasturing and living conditions of ruminant animals.

    Got Data and Regs!


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