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  • n. See patty-cake.


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  • He will have found out more about the likes of the Saints openside Tom Wood, who was tirelessly brave in a losing cause, and the Leicester locks Louis Deacon and George Skivington than in a season of pat-a-cake fixtures.

    Leicester 27-16 Northampton | Premiership match report

  • A roundhouse right from Haye commenced the ninth round but after this, the pat-a-cake fists of each man resumed.

    David Haye loses big fight to Wladimir Klitschko but blames broken toe

  • He was happy to play pat-a-cake during a laughable easy interview with Jeremy Paxman the other day, safe in the knowledge that Paxo knows little of his mayoralty and that Paxo, a friend of Boris's sister, refused to help Purnell with the biography.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • After a cursory news bulletin, in which the public health implications of the "obesity epidemic" were illustrated by footage of a woman with a fat behind walking down a street, they showed a funny clip of two cats playing pat-a-cake, a useful public service for anyone not among the 11,468,922 people who have already viewed the sequence on YouTube.

    André Villas-Boas masters art of post-match put down

  • He's been too busy hugging, bowing and playing pat-a-cake with our enemies to put on a big show for the rest of the world.

    Cheney: Obama pretending we are not at war

  • So I chip away on that notion, and on the desirability of fiscal probity, a notion to which we both subscribe, waiting for him to figure out the second half of the problem: the Democrat-controlled legislature that plays pat-a-cake with the public sector unions.

    Robin of Berkeley on liberal vs. leftist Jews and Obama

  • I want to be there for bedtimes, games of pat-a-cake (and later, catch), and school plays.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • How do you suppose Tony Blair feels on hearing the news that Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown have played pat-a-cake pat-a-cake make up men?

    Tony Blair

  • Stuffed animals, balls, nesting cylinders, pop-up toys, large dolls and puppets, bath toys, performing "so big" or pat-a-cake. 10-12 months old.

    A Bundle Of Emotions

  • And that was child's play, political pat-a-cake in the innocent days before the advent of war rooms, the Internet, a brace of cable news channels, talk radio and deep-pocketed advocacy groups.



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