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  • adj. Something done by patching; a quick fix.
  • n. The act of patching or repairing.
  • n. An instance of patching or repairing.
  • n. A hastily performed repair job; a quick fix.
  • v. To mend something by patching; usually a quick fix.

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  • n. The act of repairing or mending, usually a clumsy temporary performance; the repair so made.


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patch + up


  • This account of how he and other European leaders cobbled an uneasy pact to keep the euro zone from unraveling — a patch-up that continues to show signs of strain — was based on interviews with dozens of officials across the continent.

    Currency Union Teetering, 'Mr. Euro' Was Forced to Act

  • A recent patch-up with an estranged ally may have prevented a possible fall of the government, but the ruling coalition is still hanging together by a thread.

    Zardari Under Renewed Criticism for Trip Overseas

  • While European officials have pledged to deliver a stronger safety net for troubled euro members next month, Mr. Taylor of FX Concepts calls such moves another "patch-up."

    Hedge Funds Hurt by Bets Against Euro

  • These were patch-up jobs, though, on a career that was in clear decline.

    Being Beckham

  • The gaping cracks in the hillside foundation that ran up and down the uneven staircase like varicose veins have been filled in, the threads from my old patch-up caulking jobs paved over with a smooth frosting of flat, even concrete.

    The Madonnas of Echo Park

  • Satisfied with my patch-up job, I stuffed the antibiotic ointment back into the first-aid kit and returned it to the medicine cabinet.

    The Haunted

  • A lot of the cars being sold here are patch-up jobs that are towed in from up north for that purpose.

    Driving from Brownsville to Merida

  • Sensors attached to key supports (in buildings/ships/aircraft … spaceships?), fed into a network, signalling strategically-placed repair stations to do a “patch-up”?

    Battlestar Galactica: Self-Repairing Materials

  • After Copenhagen, which probably will be concluded with a patch-up accord, it will be vital to change paths from the one we've been on essentially since before Kyoto in 1997.

    Jeffrey Sachs: End the Politics -- Let Scientists and Engineers Lead

  • Lea, meanwhile, had a stern talk with Nahid, who felt so bad that she offered up the name of the famous doctor who did the patch-up jobs, and life resumed its normal course.

    Dreaming in French


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