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  • adj. Like patchwork; untidy, variegated, higgledy-piggledy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

patchwork +‎ -y


  • I love the wee monkey in the hoop and the patchworky fellow .

    Monkey Business - shop updated too

  • I decided I wanted to try something new with this, so I started from scratch, made my own pattern, and did something patchworky.

    Polka Dot Cottage » The Christmas Crafting » Print

  • Next year I intend to master the actual quilting part of it, not just the patchworky bit...

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • If so, are we looking at all the ZFS goodness and free UNIX goodness disappearing into the proprietary AIX running on multi-hundred-thousand-dollar mainframes, leaving the CDDL code base to rot / be maintained by that handful of enthusiasts who value ZFS and Solaris above the patchworky Linux and its crappy file systems?



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