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  • n. Plural form of paternity.


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  • His first and probably best-known work, 1989's The Quincunx, is a dense Victorian pastiche, recalling Dickens and Collins as it charts the rising and falling but mostly falling fortunes of an innocent boy and his rather foolish mother as they become entangled in a decades-old conspiracy of hidden wills, secret paternities, shady financial schemes and the occasional murder.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • I can see where some of the complaints are coming from Veronica develops a selective sort of intelligence that, for instance, leaves her blind to the 'friend'-'fiend' connection, and there's no denying a certain soapiness to the episode's plot--abandoned babies, secret paternities, multi-generational grudges, but as a whole I think this episode actually harkens to many of the show's most important themes.

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  • On paternity establishment, which is often the crucial first step in child support cases, in 1997, a record 1.3 million paternities were established, two and a half times as many as in 1992.

    Statement By The President On Child Support

  • In l997, the number of paternities established or acknowledged rose to 1.1 million from 512,000 in l992, an increase of

    Clinton Gore Accomplishments On Reforming Welfare

  • At an Oval Office ceremony, the President will announce that a new child support collection system launched nine months ago has already located one million deliquent parents, and the child support enforcement program established a record 1.3 million paternities in 1997.

    President Clinton Signs Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act

  • And because several forms of the same species cannot at the same time be in the same subject, it is impossible for several paternities to be in a man who is the father of several sons by natural generation.

    Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition

  • It was analogous to the story that Lincoln was the natural son of various paternities from time to time assigned to him.

    Marse Henry : an autobiography,

  • Jefferson's paternities with his slave mistress Sally Hemings, Paine's attacks on the priesthood, Hamilton's bastardly philandering, the grassroots scorn for organized religion --- all would draw howls of righteous right-wing rage.


  • In April, Byrd got $4.56 million under the Crime Identification Technology Act to continue funding the Forensic Science Center to perform DNA analyses to solve crimes, determine children's paternities and train new forensic scientists.

    The Charleston Gazette -

  • Although each site has its specific mix of services and approaches, all are engaging to sponsor activities and promote the overall goals of the demonstration which include increasing results in key child support enforcement measures such as the number of established paternities and support orders.

    Media Newswire


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