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  • n. In anatomy, one of the fourth pair of cranial nerves; a trochlear or pathetic nerve. See trochlear.
  • n. The superior oblique muscle of the eye.


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  • The third (oculomotor), the fourth (patheticus), and the sixth

    Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata

  • PATHETIC Pronunciation: \pə-ˈthe-tik\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French pathetique, from Late Latin patheticus, from Greek path? tikos capable of feeling, pathetic, from paschein (aor. pathein) to experience, suffer? more at pathos Date: 1598 1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity 2: marked by sorrow or melancholy: sad 3: pitifully inferior or inadequate


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