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  • n. A therapy


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the suffix -pathy


  • When patients have very little the matter with them, homoeopathy, or any other 'pathy' they have confidence in, does all very well, and it fills the purses of the practitioners, but when real rooted disease has to be encountered, the herbs that God has given for the use of man are the only trustworthy means by which to effect a cure.

    Six Years in the Prisons of England

  • The addition of the suffix "pathy" to an organ is not only accepted, but an historic universal identifier as to when a body tissue is diseased.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • But the video demo looked good – I love that security/unlocker pathy thingy they made – it elegantly doubles as a slide unlock and a security code if desired – I really want that for my iPhone.

    Oh, Google Android. : #comments

  • The “-pathy” part of course means that disease or dysfunction is involved, the only question being what type.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Criminal Charges for the White House State Dinner Crashers?

  • It was a calamity, too, in which I could not claim the sym - pathy of my cousin Emily, which had always been extended to me in my minor grievances.

    The Purcell Papers

  • But then she saw the pain behind Luke's anger, and sym-pathy for him washed into her heart.

    A Secret Vengeance

  • Never mind that the anti-pathy between Tannim and farm animals seemed to be mutual.

    The Chrome Borne

  • After participation in many battles, Ranji and Cossinza and those of their friends who had survived multitudinous conflict were retired with full honors, the grateful sym-pathy of the Weave, and the melancholy compassion of their kind.

    The False Mirror

  • But the tall football player didn't need sym-pathy.

    The Metrognome and Other Stories

  • Uncomfortable with sym-pathy from strangers, he hastened down the bluff to the strand; the guardsmen who stood vigil on the ridge faded behind.



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