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  • n. In logic, the quality of being passive; the condition of being acted upon by another: the opposite of agency.


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From Latin patientia.


  • Yet there will be, if teaching and learning are the same, and agency and patiency.


  • Either (a) both are in what is acted on and moved, or (b) the agency is in the agent and the patiency in the patient.


  • To generalize, teaching is not the same as learning, or agency as patiency, in the full sense, though they belong to the same subject, the motion; for the


  • If on the other hand (a) both are in what is moved and acted on-both the agency and the patiency (e.g. both teaching and learning, though they are two, in the learner), then, first, the actuality of each will not be present in each, and, a second absurdity, a thing will have two motions at the same time.


  • patiency’; and the outcome and completion of the one is an ‘action’, that of the other a



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