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  • adj. Pertaining to a grammatical patient that receives the action of the verb.
  • n. A word having this construction.


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  • If a relative pronoun was only about its relative clause, we should expect "who" to be declined in the nominative since it's the patientive subject of the participle formation, "was hung".

    Relative pronouns in Etruscan

  • The apparent etymology gives us no clue either since if this is a native word, it would divide into ar 'to lift up' and -aχ, a derivational suffix with a patientive meaning.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • My spidey senses are telling me something disturbing though, that a noun that ends in a patientive suffix -aχ used to make derivative nouns from verbs, that uses an l-genitive normally given to feminines & neuters, and that is attested in the inessive three times screams like an inanimate object more than the term for a person.

    Ammendments to Etruscan Dictionary Draft 005


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