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  • n. Plural form of patriarchy.


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  • Certainly feminists have long accepted this, hence our use of "patriarchies" rather than a monolithic "patriarchy."


  • Fear and guilt, weapons long used by patriarchies and femiphobes against women, have profound roots, like some of the weeds in the garden that persist even when we tug and tug to remove them.

    Melinda J. Rising: Why Aren't There More Women In Office?

  • There are ongoing tensions between freedom and control and that control can be markets and profits, political power, or patriarchies.

    Global Voices in English » Harvard Forum – Faith and focus

  • After ten years of research I have learned confirmed that women have been treated as less than equal "helpmates", even chattel for thousands of years by patriarchies and misogynists apparently not needing an excuse.

    Melinda J. Rising: Getting the Spotlight Back on Women

  • My favorite suffragist and champion, however, is Matilda Joslyn Gage, born on March 24,and author of Woman, Church, and State which exposed and challenged patriarchies and misogynists in the nineteenth century.

    Melinda J. Rising: Getting the Spotlight Back on Women

  • Until the day that the sword-swaggering patriarchies on both sides get hip to the fact that their day has come and gone, the battle will continue.

    Michael Lutin: The Manhattan Mosque: A Solution

  • States and patriarchies both engender certain patterns of behavior.

    Preach It, Sister

  • But then expatriate artists have long taken advantage of their new democractic status to provide Westerners views of the complexities of their native lands, which in the case of Neshat and Mehta pertain to women's homosocialization in nations that artificially extend pre-modern patriarchies into our modern era.

    G. Roger Denson: Shirin Neshat: Artist of the Decade

  • Whether ordered to or not, the mental illness of such twisted hatred toward women goes a step further in these misogynistic patriarchies, where rape victims are banished or stoned to death.

    Obama signs UN Declaration to decriminalize LGBTIs

  • That's tragic, because Afghan history demonstrates conclusively and beyond dispute that legitimacy of governance there is derived exclusively from Weber's first two sources: traditional (in the form of the monarchy and tribal patriarchies) and religious.

    Percy Blakeney: Hold the Line in Afghanistan


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