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  • v. Present participle of patriate.


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  • The second half of this paper is devoted to critiquing previously held assumptions about organized labour's decision not to participate in the process of patriating the Constitution and proposes that CLC's decision to adopt a neutral position represents a significant shift in the relationship between the Congress and the FTQ.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • It will also be argued that the CLC's non-involvement in the process of patriating the Constitution was influenced by its desire not to exacerbate the internal dissension which already existed within the New Democratic Party (NDP) over the issue of unilateral patriation of the Constitution with a proposed Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • The first half of the paper was devoted to explaining why the labour movement excluded itself from the process of patriating the Constitution.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • They're out there, many with American financial capitalists re-patriating, moving their money abroad ... read Ismael Hossein-Zadeh and be critical.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The Globe and Mail last year incorrectly called this "patriating the monarchy", but patriation means inviting a different royal to be Canada's head of state, not abolishing the royals altogether, which is what they were proposing.

    The Crown and the Canadian Forces

  • David Mills (hubby) was re-patriating his "fee" from Italy through a mortgage or loan-swap arrangement.

    Politicians should be straight with us.

  • A letter from South African Advocates at law requesting my assistance in re-patriating $20,500,000.

    Of interest

  • But he also reiterated his frequent claim that revising tax policy and re-patriating cash would create jobs here.

    CEA: Cisco's Chambers Says U.S. Not Sufficiently Paranoid - Tech Trader Daily -

  • I'm ex-patriating just BECAUSE of our own citizens, who are, collectively, morons.

    CNN Political Ticker

  • I suppose there might be clergy who think that birching petty criminals and re-patriating ethnic minorities is consistent with the gospel, but it's more effective to laugh them out of holy orders than to ban them from what is still a legitimate UK political party.

    Telegraph Blogs


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