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  • adj. Anthropology Of or relating to residence with a husband's kin group or clan.

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  • adj. living with the family of the husband.
  • adj. In which newly married couples live with the male's family.


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  • The northern type of family is thus patrilineal and patrilocal and the married women in such a family live in the house of their father-in-law (sasural).

    The sociological concept of joint family in India

  • In an effort to relieve some of the inter-generational and spousal tensions that had arisen in the past from patrilocal residence after marriage, a rabbinical decree pronounced in 1952 permitted young couples to live away from their parents-in-law (Laskier).

    Morocco: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

  • My gut says - duh - of course patrilocal arrangements would be poorer for humans females.

    Sisterhood is Powerful: Lessons from Gelada & Hamadryas Baboons

  • Are patrilocal arrangements more likely to be lousy for women than matrilocal ones?

    Sisterhood is Powerful: Lessons from Gelada & Hamadryas Baboons

  • Working from the assumption that "a consolidated, stable population tends to have a strong patrilineal-patrilocal character," 9 he fell back on a male-centered demographic technique of surname sieving to measure the stability of settlement, noting some matrilineal extensions, but more as interesting diversions than as evidence of earlier, women-centered continuities.

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  • As a result of patrilocal, clan-exogamous marriage, every community traditionally contained a mix of women from different places, who usually arrived at their vukatini knowing few people other than their husband.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • The technique gives the demographer something concrete to work with, for written records on men are much more readily available than those on women; but it certainly requires strenuous qualification if used in the Newfoundland context, for it mutes the matrilineal bridges and matrilocal/uxorilocal residence patterns that often predated patrilineal-patrilocal patterns in early settlement.

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  • Gordon Handcock uses this method in his examination of English migrations to and settlement in Newfoundland. 42 But this technique has a patrilineal-patrilocal bias that does not accommodate alternative forms of continuities in early community formation in Newfoundland.

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  • Since chimpanzees are patrilocal (males remain in their natal group while females migrate at puberty) any cultural traits learned by young males would remain in the society while young females would transfer that same trait to nearby societies.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Mothers-in-law are very important in patrilineal, patrilocal systems; but not so much in matrilineal, matrilocal systems.

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