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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of patter.


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  • Only one was allowed per person, so there was not much scrambling, but some of the coins pattered down on the various instruments, and one landed in the old gentleman's middle-C water glass and had to be fished out before he could go on with the Hymn.

    Pagan Passions

  • Finally, one rainy Saturday afternoon, when we were tired of acting plays, and the rain pattered on the roof, and the wind howled and shook the casings, and there was a generally wild and disorganized state of affairs out of doors, a sympathetic spirit of insubordination appeared to awaken in Tina's bosom.

    Oldtown Folks

  • As my waking sense returned, the bare walls of the guard room closed round me, and the rain pattered against the single window.


  • At his back stood the hunchback, who "pattered" in description of the drawings as glibly as he used to "puff" his own wares as a Cheap Jack.

    Jan of the Windmill

  • Given our present mindset, we wouldn't have been at all surprised if the plane crash landed into the skyline of Manhattan and its 7,500 gallons of fuel engulfed everything in its path and news shows pattered on about the horrible memories of September 11th.

    Floating planes and the economy

  • A stiletto beak on a vacuum hose neck made constant little stabbing motions into the water and down the sides of the banks, then the spindly legs pattered a few steps forwards and the bird repeated its gleaning ritual.

    Country diary: Sandy, Bedfordshire

  • Little claws pitter-pattered on the golden roof of the cage.

    Blackbird Pie « A Fly in Amber

  • Rain pattered off a bark hat and dripped from an elk-hide cloak around his shoulders.

    Fire The Sky

  • Small explosions seemed to burst and fade, bullets pattered through the air, the ceiling trickled stones.

    excerpt from a forthcoming novel

  • Down a long hallway flanked by pattered fabric is another blue room, this one with a cobalt blue couch, drapery and a mural.

    Blues Make SoHo Owner Happy


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