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  • n. Plural form of patterning.


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  • Yuasa bases each print of an enchanting garden or dreamy bedroom on a photograph that has been digitally processed in monochrome and thus afforded an almost impressionistic haze of inflected patternings.

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  • In each case the material put forward for consumption has a certain shapeliness, a self-awareness of its own patternings, and an underlying message.

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  • My self, that is to say, is not so much a thing, as it is a mass of self-reflexive, loopy patternings.


  • Given that the class list so dear to Nabokov's heart (52) surrounds Dolores Haze's name with Roses (a tangle of thorns), I believe the art that is Lolita (the tangle, the parodies, the mask, the marvelously disguised patternings) is what can be more extensively looked at than someone seeking Christ's atonement.

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  • They have slightly different patternings, and vary quite a lot in size.

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  • The archaeologist studies the patternings of such finds—finds like a scatter of stone tools and animal bones at the site of a big-game kill 20,000 years ago.

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  • His eyes traversed skein after skein of the brilliant colorful patternings, but he was unable to find a very closely netted region.

    The Cruise of the Dry Dock

  • A look of relief came over the long face, but he still gazed at the serpentine patternings.

    The Cruise of the Dry Dock

  • He scratched upon a bone and found resemblance and pursued it and began pictorial art, moulded the soft, warm clay of the river brink between his fingers, and found a pleasure in its patternings and repetitions, shaped it into the form of vessels, and found that it would hold water.

    The World Set Free

  • She was dressed in one of those complicated dresses that are all lace and work and confused patternings of black and purple and cream about the body, and she was in many ways a younger feminine version of the same theme as himself.

    Ann Veronica: A Modern Love Story


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