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  • n. See pawk.


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  • There are also some intriguing mysteries, such as a murder mystery whose conclusion is ambiguous and a deeper one surrounding the changes in pauk, the bizarre ability of the Helliconian people to commune with the spirits of their ancestors after death, which provide much food-for-thought going into the third and final novel.

    Wertzone Classics: Helliconia Summer by Brian W. Aldiss

  • “Chorny pauk—like a bloodthirsty black spider,” reads Robert from a Pravda on the kitchen table, “the U.S. is always on the lookout for new opportunities to strangle socialism and catapult the world back to the dark, retrograde, pre-revolutionary past.”

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Suurepärane töö, härra Saar, saame täpselt teada, kuidas Riigikogu esimees reageerib stressiolukorras, milline on tema mõtteskeem ( "mina olin puu otsas kui pauk käis ja minu asi ei ole, miks mingid seadused on niisugused nagu nad on").

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Oletasin siis huupi, et 70ndate lõpp või äärmisel juhul 80ndate algus... ning filmi lõppedes tuli pauk, kui ilmus ekraanile © märk ja aastaarv.

    Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)

  • Then for lunch, I just grab my rice and the lauk pauk, sit down and then ask any of the chirpy Bangla waiters: "Orang kaya minum apa?".

    natinski Diary Entry

  • We have a right to expect a social conscience. yes pauk of the hills, and all the ignorant people that think that cutting jobs and reducing the qualilty of the goods and services provided to increase profit margins is good business acumen will defend this crap he is spouting too. | Top Stories

  • Helliconia Spring is a complex novel working on a literal storytelling level - the factional battles for control over Oldorando and Pannoval, the phagor crusade flooding across the continent and the search for truth and understanding of the Helliconian star system by Oldorando's scientists - and also on thematic ones, with Aldiss examining the struggles between religion and science, between those who thrive in peace and those who thrive in war and the duality of winter and summer, humanity and phagor, and though the religious ritual of pauk, between the living and the dead.

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  • Para ibu itu menyampaikan buat keputusan hendaknya nya menggelar aksi memasak bapak membantu melancarkan Di sela-sela aksi memasak keluhannya kepada Parlindung - memikirkan masyarakat Waspada/Zulkifli Darwis lauk pauk kebutuhan rumah arus lalu lintas sehingga suasana di badan jalan itu, Ernawati Sire - an Purba dampak konversi mi - berpenghasilan rendah dimana Anggota DPD RI Parlindungan Purba saat berdialog dengan ibu rumah yang melakukan unjuk tangga di badan Jalan Air Bersih. aksi saat itu berjalan aman dan gar dan Ernawati Tanjung, ke - nah ke gas, harga minyak tanah jumlahnya di tanah air masih rasa menuntut penghapusan program konversi ke gas, di Jalan Air Bersih,

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