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  • n. Plural form of pauldron.


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  • Those pauldrons of his look like the controls of a PlayStation, so possibly you were commissioned by some games rag focussing on Sony's systems.

    The Lone Stranger

  • The hardware is ­extraordinary, but what makes the show remarkable are the portraits of monarchs and ­nobles clad in the exhibition's burgonets, gorgets, pauldrons, vambraces and gauntlets.

    Armor as Wearable Sculpture

  • Subversion: since the game is in third person, and the pauldrons of your player model obscure your gun in-game, there's no way to look at what you've unlocked on your own-- you have to get your buddy to aim his viewport at your upgraded piece to be able to see it at all.

    MOTY 08

  • Field units may wear shoulder pauldrons as high-visibility rank indicators.

    What are the Stormtroopers?

  • He was clad almost entirely in black armor, apart from the hood upon his head: pauldrons extending over his chest and shoulder blades; gauntlets with long protective cuffs; and tassets to cover the vulnerable spot at the top of his cuisses, where his breastplate ended and his thigh armor began.

    The Black Angel

  • At her command they brought harness to replace Conan's chain-mail - gorget, sollerets, cuirass, pauldrons, jambes, cuisses and sallet.

    The Conan Chronicles

  • At her command they brought harness to replace Conan's chain mail -- gorget, sollerets, cuirass, pauldrons, jambes, cuisses, and sallet.

    Conan the Freebooter

  • And now he showed me pieces of armour, that is, a vizored headpiece or armet, with cuirass, backplates, pauldrons and vambraces, all very richly gilded, the which it seemed he had chosen for my defence.

    Martin Conisby's Vengeance

  • Your priority is to eliminate the left and right pauldrons; the ailettes autumatically vanish once both pauldrons are destroyed; said parts have a little over 50000 HP each.

    IGN Complete

  • We imagine him wearing spiked pauldrons, and it just doesn't do



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