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  • v. Present participle of pauperise.


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  • At the same moment I quite saw that to a prouder and stronger heart it must indeed be bitter to have to sit still under your own security, and even more bitter to have to watch that pauperising security coming closer and closer to others — for the generous soul is always more concerned for others than for himself.

    The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays

  • This regulation relieves want without pauperising, the common garner merely serving as a compulsory savings bank.

    Through the Malay Archipelago

  • The effect of this pauperising system could not fail to be very disastrous -- it placed a direct premium upon idleness, as a man was sure of a living from the rates even if he did not work, and also a bounty upon wages, or an inducement for the farmer to pay a much lower wage than he could afford.

    Fragments of Two Centuries Glimpses of Country Life when George III. was King

  • "But that would be pauperising them," said an earnest girl, who liked the Schlegels, but thought them a little unspiritual at times.

    Howards End

  • Mr. Carnegie gives public libraries with the lavishness with which travellers in Italy sometimes throw small copper coins to the beggars on the streets, but he is only pauperising cities wholesale and hindering the progress of real culture by taking away from civic life the spirit of self-reliance.

    The Common Sense of Socialism A Series of Letters Addressed to Jonathan Edwards, of Pittsburg

  • Consider the burning grievances that must be left behind by this policy of laying the country waste, of pauperising a million people of all degrees, driving them homeless from the lands on which they were born, after compelling them to lend a hand in the destruction of all that their labour has built up through long years.

    The Snare

  • The potato crop of 1846 was even worse than that of 1845, and Peel's system of public works had proved an expensive failure, more pauperising than almsgiving.

    Lady John Russell

  • The simple spirit of contemplation we've come to regard as a pauperising habit and it puts us out of patience.

    The Wheel of Life

  • I have no sympathy with all this preposterous pauperising which goes by the name of charity.

    Tongues of Conscience

  • And how better could our millionaires use their wealth (since they are always confiding to us their difficulties in getting rid of it) than by seeking out these gardens and endowing them, and so, without pauperising anyone, build for themselves monuments not only delightful, but perpetual?

    From a Cornish Window A New Edition


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