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  • adj. That can be paused.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

pause +‎ -able


  • This is used to specify that a method can be paused, continuation-style, during pausable calls; sleep and yield are two provided hooks and the mailbox get / put methods are also pausable. @pausable is also used to mark classes for instrumentation.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • This newest game has a cool pausable real-time feature rather than the turns in XCOM, but it plays better in my opinion.

    Review: UFO: Aftermath

  • Distant Worlds is a vast, pausable real-time, 4X space strategy game.


  • I want the following capabuilites on a web application: 1. user create, login and password forget - (email , password, description fields during sign up) 2. users will have ability to select a stop watch time (like 3 minutes ,etc) . and say GO 3. there will be a stop watch (pausable) , and question text box will appear (user answers the question) , clicks on next. - New Projects

  • And here's the node actor translated into a Kilim Task (note the @pausable annotation on the execute () method, which is defined in Task): import kilim.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • And once I got it running I got some weird NoSuchMethodErrors due to incorrectly specifying @pausable on methods that didn't need it.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • It was far from obvious that the error messages were indicating I had forgotten @pausable on the non-Actor classes.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • The three main things to know about are Tasks, Mailboxes, and @pausable.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • It's very important that the Ring class is marked @pausable or the weaver won't work.

    Pure Danger Tech

  • Fans and critics will agree that by going back to the basics of what made classic RPGs great-linear storylines, pausable combat, mandatory food and drink usage, level-grinding, and inventory management-we were really able to innovate in the genre and cooked up something extremely special in S7IAW. "



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