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  • Relating to a pause or to pauses.
  • In Heb. grammar, noting the form which a word receives in the pause of a sentence, in which in certain cases a vowel is changed (usually lengthened), or a weakened vowel reappears in full.


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  • Metro-pausal: The recognition that the best days of a community are decidedly behind them, and that it's all just a downhill slide from here on out ...

    Sound Politics: Metronatural

  • If it were to be taken as a pausal form of the ro'i (with short "o" -- the noun "seeing") found in the middle of the verse, the accent would have to stand on the penult, as

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • The 'adhonay of v. 18 is a pausal form with qamets instead of pathach and is not to be read as "Lord," for nothing indicates that Lot had recognized the Lord in these angels.

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • Not only is there little evidence of effectiveness of mammography in premeno-pausal women, despite NCI's assurances no warnings were given of the known high risks of breast cancer from the excessive X-ray doses then used.

    Information Liberation

  • It is also identi fi ed by the Algonquin tribes as an aid to proposed that SAM-e can 'optimize the synthesis inducing labor, and treating peri - and postmeno - of neurotransmitters, glutathione and cartilage'; as pausal symptoms.

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