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  • v. Present participle of pawn.


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  • Admittedly I have no data to back this assertion up, but I can speak from experience in pawning off my own tickets to friends that this strategy may well be making money to keep the organization afloat, but it is not cultivating future audiences.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • At this late hour, the idea of pawning her little jacket occurred to her, but now she was far away from the city and its pawnshops, and there was no getting back.

    The Octopus : A story of California

  • Gold swaps could suggest a last-resort measure because they are, after all, the equivalent of 'pawning' family treasure with the BIS.

    DK Matai: The Mystery of BIS Gold Swaps

  • She could take some of the uglier pieces of jewellery apart and sell gems and chains of gold separately, but she didn’t like the idea of pawning any of it to some lowlife who didn’t know its true value.

    Voice of the Gods

  • According to Hill's studies of the history of the island, in 1669 King Charles II re-confirmed Shetland's status at the time of the pawning, meaning the islands remained directly answerable to the crown -- represented today by the Queen.


  • He sinks into penury, pawning everything for the postage to dispatch his manuscripts.

    Call of the Tough, Tireless Writer

  • Rather than take these unwanted pooches out back, and deal with them Old Yeller style, California shelters are pawning these rat-dogs off on the Grand Canyon State ….

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Where are the “Defend the Border” Folks When You Really Need Them

  • "I never thought about pawning anything," says Ms. Diederich, adding that her start-up is now up and running.

    Online Pawn Shops Lend Cash Fast

  • In addition to eating them at every meal and pawning bags of them off on some fellow foodie friends I still wound up with a large Ziploc in my crisper stuffed with slowly wilting carrots!

    Not "A Nutter" One!

  • From Rocky Mountain News (thanks to James Surowiecki at Marginal Revolution for the pointer): Former Nebraska star [running back] Lawrence Phillips was seen in Las Vegas recently pawning one of his Big Eight championship rings — reportedly for $2 ...

    Disintermediation and Outsourcing, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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