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  • n. In railroad service, a car in which a paymaster travels from point to point along the line, to pay the employees.


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  • Lord! but she was painted red and white and gold-leaf, three brass bands on her stack, solid nickel trimming, all the latest improvements, corrugated fire-box, high pressure smoke consumer and sand-jet -- jest made a purpose for specials, and pay-car.

    Danger Signals Remarkable, Exciting and Unique Examples of the Bravery, Daring and Stoicism in the Midst of Danger of Train Dispatchers and Railroad Engineers

  • Zone has decidedly the advantage over the white-collared college graduate when the pay-car comes around.

    Zone Policeman 88; a close range study of the Panama canal and its workers

  • A rest of several days inevitably followed the visit of the pay-car.

    The U. P. Trail

  • They had begun to crowd for advantageous positions closer to the pay-car so as to be the first in line.

    The U. P. Trail

  • Th 'mills are opened, th' factories are goin 'to go, th' railroads are watherin 'stocks, long processions iv workin'men are marchin' fr'm th 'pay-car to their peaceful saloons, their wives are takin' in washin 'again, th' price iv wheat is goin 'up an' down, creditors are beginnin 'to sue debtors; an' thus all th 'wurruld is merry with th' on'y rational enjoyments iv life.

    Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen

  • Toolymuckahi to appoint six brethren in good standing to arm themselves with great care, gird up their loins and muzzle the pay-car as it started out on its mission.


  • a direct method of securing the coin necessary, he would move that such a committee be appointed by the Chair to wait on the pay-car and draw on it at sight.


  • Jim raised himself in his blankets and said, irritably: "After this you can run your own pay-car, kid.

    The Winds of Chance

  • I could name a dozen devices for your society, if desired, by which money could be made for your treasury, without the risk or odium necessarily resulting from robbing the pay-car or a bank, and yet the profit will be nearly as great in proportion to the work done. "



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