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  • n. See J/psi particle.


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  • But it does provide a long-term incentive to weather the storms and get to pay-dirt.

    Executive Compensation, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • If he doesn't strike pay-dirt he'll have to buy a steamer-passage to get away from the Solomons.

    Chapter 19

  • The width of the pay-dirt steadily decreased, and the man extended in his mind's eye the sides of the "V" to their meeting-place far up the hill.

    All Gold Cañon

  • Every likely-looking "feeder" was prospected, but the elusive "pay-dirt" danced ever to the north.

    In a Far Country

  • Sometimes they struck pay-dirt, however, including the “Rathergate” controversy over George W. Bush's alleged military service, which figured in the blog's 2004 Time award.

    Putting the Nut in Wingnut - Swampland -

  • No ore where you should be striking pay-dirt by the hopper-load, and me finding creatures larger than anything mentioned in text-tapes from any planet in all the systems we've explored in the last four hundred galactic standard years.

    Cattle Town

  • I knew I'd hit pay-dirt when I saw his jaw tighten; he shook his head sternly.


  • "I feel a lot better now, knowing there was a good reason we couldn't find any pay-dirt at all!"

    Cattle Town

  • If it needs to be said, this was in development long before Paranormal Activity (now at $97 million) hit pay-dirt last month.

    Scott Mendelson: HuffPost Weekend Box Office in Review

  • For instance, I recently hit pay-dirt thanks to Manhattan author and journalist Kurt Andersen who, with nearly 2000 "friends," still managed to confirm my own request promptly (much appreciated, Kurt!).

    Victoria Lautman: Facebook 'Friends' and the Gentle Art of Summer Poaching


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