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  • n. phonetic spelling of peacock, as used in the Sean O'Casey play, Juno and the Paycock.


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  • One verse he rendered "Like a paycock in a wild-dook's nest, and a howl in the dessert, even so be I."

    The Parish Clerk

  • Wan was in front, beway he was the ginral, walkin’ wid his chin up as proud as a paycock.

    Irish Wonders

  • Whin O’Moore was towld that Paddy was kapin’ comp’ny wid Nora, an’ the latther an’ her mother towld him she wanted fur to marry Paddy, the owld felly got tarin’ mad, fur he was as proud as a paycock, an’ though he’d nothin’ himself, he riz agin the match, an’ all the poor mother an’

    Irish Wonders

  • She was wan o’ thim frishky widdys that shtruts an’ wears fine close an’ puts on more airs than a paycock.

    Irish Wonders


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