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  • n. curly sideburns worn by Jewish men


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From Hebrew פאות


  • Hasidic men, in their long black coats, black hats, untrimmed beards, and side curls known as payot, prowl the pavement in search of a transaction.

    Crystal Death

  • With yarmulkes tucked under helmets, and the occasional payot, or side curls, swinging free, religious skaters shoot and check fiercely, yet seldom keep score as their shots sail into nets.

    Hockey Heats Up in Tiny Village With Israel's Only Big Rink

  • The term “chassid” does get thrown around to refer to any religious Jew in a black hat with payot

    Hereville — “How Mirka Got Her Sword,” page 20

  • In “Hereville,” virtually all of the male characters are religious Jews with black hats and payot!

    Hereville — “How Mirka Got Her Sword,” page 20

  • A bit chubby, with payot (sidelocks) and a great laugh.

    Cry to those using babies

  • Or maybe it's just seeing familiar, oftentimes comedic actors with bushy beards, payot and large fedoras.


  • The driver was Rabbi Ezriel Tauber, a middle-aged Hasid with long, black curly payot.

    Aish Weekly Articles

  • Initially, it used to bother me, but the more I realized that they were more curious by a man with tzitzit without payot and beard, the less I felt scrutinized to the point I don't even notice it.

    Aish Weekly Articles

  • Xenophobia is fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or strange, like payot.


  • A generously payot-ed local business contact of mine just returned from a yearly 2-week respite at a Jerusalem yeshiva.

    Israel Palestine Blogs


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